Some people may think there is just one type of skateboard, but there are actually a number of them. The following is going to highlight some of the most popular boards out there; just keep in mind that there are subdivisions for most of these boards, so you have more choices than you can imagine.

The Street Board

Street skateboards are some of the most modern types of boards. Some people who use this option call it the popsicle board. Part of what makes the street skateboard special is that they were designed for skateboard parks, and they were designed to make tricks a little easier.

Now, it is important to point out that this board is a little more expensive, so make sure you take your time to find one at a good price. Most of the time, these boards are about 33 inches long and could be a little less than nine inches wide.

The Electric Board

Another modern type of skateboard is the electric skateboard. These are long-lasting motorized boards that take speed and control to a whole new level. You can expect a lot from these, especially if you travel a lot.

Some people who opt for an electric skateboard forgo using public transportation or their vehicles. This means you are saving money, and you also get to leave a smaller carbon footprint on this earth. Some of these boards can be controlled by your phone, so you can slow down or speed up with the touch of a few buttons.

The Classic Board

As cool as modern skateboards can be, there is still a number of aficionados who are quite passionate about classic or vintage skateboards. These boards started the skateboarding movement and culture back in the 80s.

Some of these original boards are a little pricey because of what they represent. You do not have to purchase an original one because there are enough replicas out there worth considering that are more affordable.

You can tell you’re looking at a classic board because it usually has a square tail, and the board is sometimes over nine inches wide. The wheels are relatively large compared to some of the more modern boards, and they do give a little. This aspect allows the board to offer a unique ride.

The Cruiser Skateboard

Cruiser boards are made for long-distance travel and comfort. They are made to chill as you ride, not to do a lot of aggressive skateboarding or a lot of tricks.

For the most part, these cruiser boards have a very effective tail, but they are normally missing a nose. Cruiser boards vary in sizes so much that some could be considered penny boards while others could be considered longboards. Another typical characteristic in the cruiser board is that they are quite wide compared to other options.

These are just some types of skateboards out there. You are going to want to check most of these out to get a feel for them. Then, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.…

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